Thursday, December 30, 2010

Any Possibility Pakistan getting F-35 jets after 2020? =F35 full analysis

Without F-35 jets it won’t be easy to maintain a strong air defence capability after 2020, If F-35 available for sale can Pakistan afford it, it will be good if Pakistan can get F-35 jets.

After 2020 JF-17 & F-16 (Block 52) won’t be helpful to maintain a strong air defence capability. 

F-35 Lightning II

Role Stealth Multirole Fighter

First flight 15 December 2006

Introduction 2014 USAF

Status Under development, In flight testing

Produced 2003 present

Number built 13 flight-test aircrafts; 15 aircraft on order.

Unit cost US$96 million (flyaway cost for Israeli purchase)

F-35 Helmet Display System


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