Wednesday, November 24, 2010

IRAN and CHINA are the Closest Friends of Pakistan

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran and China are the closest friends of Islamabad, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Spokesman Ahsan Iqbal stressed on Saturday, urging the Pakistani government to further develop ties and cooperation with Tehran.

"The government should increase its relations with the Muslim countries, specially Iran," Iqbal told FNA, urging the Islamabad officials to distance themselves from the US and its policies which are harmful to the Pakistani people.

Criticizing the Pakistani government's internal policies, he lamented that the country's statesmen have forgotten the Pakistani people while fulfilling the US orders has turned into their only goal.

Iqbal also blasted the Pakistani government's ignorance and inaction in the face of the several military operations carried out by the US and NATO troops inside Pakistan, reminding that the US and NATO troops have killed dozens of the Pakistani people under the guise of the war on terrorism.

A large number of the Pakistani politicians have started criticizing Islamabad for giving in to the US pressures, urging the country's officials to model on Iran's policies and decisions in relations with the western powers.

Earlier this year, a senior Pakistani politician called on Islamabad officials to follow Ahmadinejad as a role model in standing against the irrational demands raised by the western powers, specially the US.

"Pakistani officials should learn from the Iranian president how to represent their nation," Former chief of Pakistan's Jamaat-e-Islami and Head of the country's Majlis-e-Amal Qazi Hussain Ahmad told FNA in June.

Also, earlier this month a former Pakistani army commander called on the Islamabad government to break away from the yoke of the US policies and forge closer ties and alliance with such real friends as Iran.

"Now is the right time to review our friendship with the US," former Chief of the Staff of the Pakistani Army General Mirza Aslam Beg told FNA in Islamabad at the time.

"Pakistan should also establish good relations with its neighbors, Iran in particular," he noted.

He lauded the Iranian nation's confrontation against the pressures and sanctions imposed by the US, and noted, "Pakistan should follow Iran's path and free itself from the Americans' spider web."


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