Monday, December 13, 2010

Cheap=Indian Army Colonel wanted women to be sent to his hotel room

The Indian Army has finished a Court of Inquiry (CoI) against a Colonel Sandeep Singh, who wanted women to be sent to his hotel room. Army is holding him him guilty of “misdemeanour” during his stay at a hotel in Gangtok earlier this month. The CoI, was held at the 17 Mountain Division in Sikkim. As per the CoI has, the Colonel had called up the hotel front desk and asked for a women to be sent to his room. Colonel Sandeep Singh was visiting Sikkim capital as part of his Higher Command Course.
The Army will take a due call on CoI’s recommendation of action against the Colonel as per the Army HQ. Colonel Sandeep Singh’s four colleagues, who were undergoing the Course along with him, were witnesses in the proceedings.
They had gone to Gangtok as part of their forward area tour which was mandatory under the course.


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