Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Indian Navy, Royal Thailand Navy Jointly Patrol Eastern Indian Ocean Region

 11th Cycle of the India - Thailand Coordinated Patrol (INDO-THAI CORPAT) commenced in the Andaman Sea on 16 Nov 10. Whereas Indian Navy is represented by INS Tarasa of the Andaman & Nicobar Command, the Royal Thailand Navy was represented by HTMS Longlom. 

The first such CORPAT with the Royal Thailand Navy was held in 2006. The subsequent series of Coordinated Patrols with the Thai Navy have resulted in enhanced mutual confidence levels between the two defence forces. Consequently poaching by Thai trawlers in our waters has shown a significant decrease due to stringent measures put in place by the Thai government. 

As Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) a series of basic Naval drills and communication exercises are being conducted between the two warships during the course of the coordinated patrol. Indian Navy’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft, theDorniers are also conducting the Maritime Reconnaissance (MR) sorties in patrol areas, as a coordinated sea - air patrol. 

The closing ceremony of the 11th Cycle INDO-THAI CORPAT was held at Phuket on 23 Nov 10. Major General NP Padhi, Chief of Staff, Headquarters Andaman & Nicobar Command was the senior officer representing India during the closing ceremony.


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