Wednesday, December 8, 2010

N Korea begins drills amid Koreans talks

North Korea has staged artillery exercises near the disputed western sea border as South Korea conducts major drills in the area amid growing tension.

Pyongyang launched its firing exercises on Wednesday as the US and South Korean top military officials held talks in Seoul over the situation on the Korean Peninsula. 

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen has reassured South Korea that Washington is committed to defending it. 

US President Barack Obama has already promised what he called "unshakeable support" for Seoul. 

Meanwhile, the US and South Korean top officers said on Wednesday that the two agree to stage more joint military exercises. 

South Korea's firing exercises were launched on Monday by warships or land artillery units in 29 locations, including one of five frontline islands near the disputed sea border, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. The drills are scheduled to take place off all three coasts of the Korean Peninsula until Friday. 

In recent months, the United States and South Korea have conducted several massive joint sea and air drills in waters east of the peninsula. 

All these developments, the drills and the meeting, come as tensions are still high in the region after last month's deadly clash between South and North Korean forces along the Koreas' disputed sea borders. 

The fighting left four South Koreans, including two civilians, dead. Each side blames the other for initiating the clash. 


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