Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PAK FA with 'Brahmos'

PAK and Hypersonic Brahmos combination will be deadliest. Good to hear that they are thinking about Brahmos integration with PAK FA. As well as Russia wanted PAK FA to be a F-22 killer. They have worked every possible way for that. Sukhoi chief also cleared many manufacturing, development and export issues related to India.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
PAK FA with 'Brahmos'

The PAK FA chief designer Alexander Davydenko said, that during development work, the fight between T-50 and F-22 was modelled with good outcome for T-50. He also informed that the new avionics, weapon systems are already exist but will appeared latter since the 1st prototype is not ready for actually weapon carring. The 2015 as the end term for starting serial supply was confirmed too.
Most inportant he said, T-50 will be built together with India 'in paritet principle 50 and 50%', and can be equipped with 'Brahmos' missiles. It's first official confirmation about possibility of 'Brahmos' installation on PAK FA/FGFA fighter. Hiwever, it's not clear whether these missiles would be installed on the internal or external bays. Anyway, it can be 1-2 missiles only due to heavy habitus of 'Brahmos' supersonic missile.

He also denied any negotiations with Chinese about PAK FA.
Early, the Sukhoi chief Pogosyan informed that KNAAPO modernizes its manufacturing capabilities for T-50 production. He confirmed too that the only partner on PAK FA proram in India. Other contries can only purchase the export version of T-50, when built together by Russia and India. The T-50 variant for IAF can be almost similar to the Russian one but built in India, he said. He also confirm that Indian side will take as 50% of all program work despite the fact that now 'Russia is well ahead' in this program. The first prototype will be transferred to Zhukovsky. All testing program includes as 2000 flying till 2015. A number of prototypes will take participation in it.

Other Indo-Russian program is successfully follow too: the Indian sources in Moscow confirmed negotiations for more 42 Su-30MKI purchase.

Defunct Humanity: PAK FA with 'Brahmos'


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