Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aircraft Carrier Will Be Ready in 2014

Defence minister A K Antony today expressed the hope that the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, that is being constructed at the Cochin Shipyard Limited, would be ready for the final launch in 2014.

Speaking to mediapersons on the sidelines of the foundation stone laying function for the National Institute for Research and Development of Defence Shipbuilding (NIRDESH), at nearby Chaliyam, said that the in spite of the presence of Navy's from nearly 18 countries including USA, Russia, France, Germany, England and India, the piracy in the Indian ocean had not come down.

'It is not possible to say that the Somalian pirates alone are behind these acts. There are certain forces that are helping these pirates', he opined.

However, 'it is not possible to pin-point who are the external forces', he said.

Antony said during his visit abroad, many countries have also expressed their doubt that 'some forces are behind these pirates'.

The indigenation policy, Defence procurement policy and Defence production policy are ready and would be announced very soon, Antony said.

Pointing out that Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), which was considered only as a dream, would become a reality as the initial test operation of LCA will be done at Bangalore on January 10.

Indian Airforce had given orders for 40 LCA, Antony said.

Antony said there was no controversy on the deal signed by India with Russia for the fifth generation fighter aircrafts. 'The deal signed was only for preliminary design contract and it is not a final contract', he said.

Considering the security situation around us, India needs fifth generation fighter aircrafts possessed by America and Ruissia.

Replying to a query on the Medium Multirole Combat Aircrafts, Antony said the project needs detailed study and it would take some more time before signing the deal.

He said 'no undue haste will be shown and everything will be studied in detail before signing the deal'.

On the lack of facility for berthing interceptor boats of Coast Guard at the Beypore Coast Guard Station, he said all necessary help will be given to coast guard for improving their facilities.

More radars will be installed under the auspices of the Coast Guard in Kerala for coastal security, Antony said.

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