Monday, January 24, 2011

India can’t always fool the world

Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao on January 18, 2011 without any shame declared that Pakistan is pursuing terrorism as an instrument of state policy. Delivering a speech at a seminar on Asian Security Challenges, the Indian official asserted that the epicentre of global terrorism was located in her neighbourhood. 

“Some countries presume that they can pursue terrorism as an instrument of state policy without risks to themselves or to their standing in the international community,” she claimed. “This is a flawed and self-defeating presumption as the war on terrorism cannot be selective. Pakistan must turn away from using terror-induced coercion as an instrument of policy against India.”

It would have been better for Nirupama Rao to look closely what India has done in the past and still doing in her neighbourhood. Of course, the Indians are not exactly showering rose petals on their neighbouring countries. Consider these stubborn facts:

* It was India that attacked Pakistan in September 1965 and not vice versa. 

* It is India that has occupied the valley and is not willing to come to the table to discuss the Kashmir issue. The Indian case is so weak that they have not only ignored the UN resolutions on the subject, they also don’t want to talk about it. 
* It is India that has killed ten of thousands of Kashmiris, men, women and children, during the last 63 years. It has employed curfews, crackdowns, sieges, massacre, targeted killings and torture to control the valley.

* It is India that nurtured the Mukti Bahni in East Pakistan, trained and supported the terrorists and provided them with weapons of all sorts. 

* It was India that attacked East Pakistan in November 1971 and dismembered a sovereign country. 

* It is India that blatantly interfered in Sri Lanka, even sending her troops to meddle in Lankan affairs.

* It is India that has interfered in Nepal’s internal affairs. Now it has been revealed that the Indians were also involved in killing the Nepali king and his family.

* It was New Delhi that had supported the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, when a world superpower had occupied a sovereign state, laid waste to it and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. 

* It is India that is now training and sending saboteurs to Afghanistan in order to destabilize Pakistan’s Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkwa provinces. The role of numerous Indian consulates in Afghanistan is not hidden from the world.

* Indian state terrorism continues in Assam, Kashmir, Khalistan, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu and Tripura among other states. Did Pakistan kill thousands of Muslims in Gujrat? Or thousands of Sikhs in Operation Golden Temple? Or thousands of others in New Delhi after Indira Gandhi was assassinated?

Unfortunately, India has gotten away with state sponsored terrorism on account of her so-called secularism and democracy, large size and massive foreign exchange surpluses. The charade in the garb of democracy cannot continue forever.

India can?t always fool the world


Rajashekar Kotegara said...

This seems to be a highly prejudiced article. Get your facts right and do some research for heavens sake. Or is this a propaganda website that has scant respect for truth - a peculiarly pakistani trait? It was Pak that invaded India. Somehow they believed 1 pakistani could kill 10 hindu indians. what ever was their belief they screwed their own country. Most indians view pakistan as a deeply infected rabid dog. We would do anything to exchange our neighbour. A progressive, secular economically strong nation like India deserves a better neighbour than Pak has the potential to be. Let them just develop to be decent enough muslims if not humans.

Admin Sky Lap said...

Mr.Rajash Its GB Blog ,Uks Blog not propaganda blog & its article already published on several sites..

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