Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iran warns against blunder by US, West

Ahead of the comprehensive talks between Iran and major world powers in Turkey, Iranian permanent representative to the UN has warned the US and the West against any miscalculations on the Islamic Republic.

“The West's miscalculation on regional and international capabilities of the Islamic Republic has led Western states to pursue wrong policies in the region. This has inflicted heavy losses on them,” said Mohammad Khazaei in a Tuesday press briefing in New York among US and international journalist, quoted by IRNA. 

The Iranian official cited the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries in the region as samples of such wrong policies. 

He emphasized that the upcoming multifaceted talks between Iran and the P5+1 -- Britain, China, France, Russia and the US plus Germany -- in the Turkish city of Istanbul on January 21 and 22 would be an “opportunity” for the West to cooperate with Iran in various fields. 

Khazaei expressed Iran's readiness to hold productive talks in Istanbul, reiterating that Tehran is firmly determined to resolve political, security, economic and energy issues at regional and international levels. 

“We will not negotiate on our peaceful nuclear rights. To the Islamic Republic, interaction in these talks is a strategy and not a tactic to buy time,” he emphasized. 

The Iranian envoy stressed that constructive talks based on justice and mutual respect without any preconditions would be the mere solution and said, “However, if the other side adopts another approach, Iran will respond accordingly.” read more


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