Tuesday, February 15, 2011

India falsified boarder map and occupied 166 acres of Bangladesh territory

During recent survey BDR discovered BSF had removed original border pillar in Kamalganj boarder under Mouluvibazar district. These 166 acres of Bangladesh territory is located in a low land water body and not many Bangladeshis live nearby. India using BSF hatched most deceitful plan –

1) first bsf removed original international boarder pillars
2) then bsf moved indian inhabitants further inside india
3) then bsf converted 166 acres of Bangladeshi territory into agricultural land
4) bsf then let indians use 166 acres of Bangladeshi territory for cultivation
5) finally bsf falsified the original demarcation map and records and came to survey

BDR researched and found how bsf falsified the original map and records to occupy Bangladesh territory. When BDR challenged bsf on its deceitful acts, bsf could not say much but accepted their guilt. BDR could not immediately take possession of Bangladesh territory as Awami regime curtailed BDR scope for indian benefit. But BDR has already informed the Awami regime on the situation of indian occupation. 


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