Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Israel Military Industries Partner with Aero India

Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI) will participate in the 8th International Exhibition on Aerospace, Defense and Civil Aviation, February 9-13, 2011 at the Air Force Station Yelahanka, Bengaluru, India.

During the exhibition, IMI will display the DELILAH Ground Launched (GL), loitering guided missile, the MPR500, Multi-Purpose Rigid Bomb, the IFB500, Improved Fragmentation Bomb and IMI’s new SPECTRAL IR FLARES.

In addition, IMI will also present the RED SKY 2, Very Short Range Air Defense System, offered as an upgrade to existing Man Portable Air Defense Systems, as well as, the Multi-Purpose Rifle System (MPRS) designed to provide infantry troops increased lethality and enhanced target incapacitation capabilities.

The DELILAH GL is an advanced precision deep strike loitering missile, based on the combat proven Air-Launched, long range DELILAH missile utilized by the Israeli Air Force (IAF). Adaptable for both fixed and moving launchers such as IMI’s LYNX, Autonomous Multi-Purpose Rocket System, the missile is optimal against time critical moving and re-locatable targets on land or sea, in day/night or adverse weather conditions, with minimal collateral damage. 

The missile is powered by a rocket booster for the launch phase and a turbojet engine for the cruise phase, allowing long-range flight and loitering capability. In addition, the missile incorporates an advanced combined GPS satellite positioning and Internal Navigation System (INS), as well as, Real Time Imagery for man-in-theloop intervention and target validation, ensuring a nearly autonomous mode of operation.

The MPR500 is a Multi-Purpose Rigid Bomb, capable of penetrating straight through four multi-level floors and double reinforced walls, while reducing collateral damage, making it optimal against challenging targets, such as bunkers and fortifications. The Bomb’s enhanced effects eliminate the need for heavier bombs such as the 1000 and 2000 lbs. GP bombs, thus increasing aircraft carriage efficiency and ultimately the number of targets engaged per sortie. The MPR500 is certified to all guidance systems and is identical in size and form to the MK-82 Bomb.

The IFB500 is a highly effective anti-personnel and anti-material Improved Fragmentation Bomb. The bomb’s enhanced fragmentation effect is achieved through a uniquely designed fragmentation envelope comprised of over 12,000 steel balls and a proximity electronic fuze, designed to afflict severe damage to surface targets. The IFB500 is compatible to most eastern and western aircrafts.

IMI’s extensive experience and expertise in developing state-of-the-art aerial countermeasures have led to the development of the new ADVANCED SPECTRAL IR FLARES, which are the world’s only covert pyrotechnic flares. The SPECTRAL FALES are capable of defeating most advanced MANPADS, and are in use and combat proven by the Israeli Air Force.

Further advanced countermeasures developed at IMI include the MULTI-BLU, lightweight IR decoy flare for the protection of helicopters; the combat proven CG- 17 CHAFF for the protection of aircraft, helicopters and ships against radar detection and radar guided missiles and the AIRMOR Autonomous Protection Suite for helicopters and transport aircraft, which accommodates up to 480 expendable countermeasures of up to four different types.

IMI’s RED SKY 2, mobile and modular Very Short Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) system, is highly effective against most modern helicopters and strike aircraft, making it ideal for the defense of stationary sites or mobile units. Extending the capabilities of existing MANPADS, which are currently limited to the human operator’s capability, the RED SKY 2 is capable of providing target detection and identification at the missile’s full effective range. The system can be deployed in locations previously inaccessible to heavier air defense systems such as mountainous terrain or urban environment and enables operation under adverse weather conditions, both day and night.

IMI’s newly developed Multi-Purpose Rifle System (MPRS) is the latest lethal and accurate munition for the infantry. The system, which has recently been successfully validated through a series of extensive field trials, is designed to provide troops increased lethality and target engagement capabilities as well as enhanced target incapacitation and suppression thought the use of Highly Explosive (HE) air-burst munitions. The system comprises a multi-switch control module enabling Airburst, Time Delayed or Self Destruct engagement. The MPRS can be embedded on any existing assault rifle using a 40mm grenade launcher.

At the exhibition the MPRS will be showcased upon an AK47 Kalashnikov assault rifle.


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