Saturday, March 5, 2011

Iran Navy overcomes Israel at sea

A commander says during the Iranian naval mission in the Mediterranean the Israeli navy attempted to make contact at sea but was given a crushing response.

A two-vessel Iranian naval group received threatening signals from the Israeli navy, while sailing through Egypt's Suez Canal towards the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean.

“They (Israelis) mounted pressure in Egypt and even Syria to prevent necessary coordination with us from taking place,” Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari was quoted by Fars News Agency as saying on Saturday.

“[They] even threatened [us] during the journey and tried to portray [the situation in] the region as dangerous but we paid no attention,” he added.

“Even at sea, Zionist (Israeli) forces asked our naval group to introduce itself, to which our naval group responded by saying, 'Shut up! It is none of your business' and then, ignoring the request from the Zionist regime [of Israel], it (the naval group) continued on its course.”

He hailed the Navy's reaction as a “determined response.”

Composed of two Iranian warships named Khark and Alvand, the group has successfully conducted the mission and returned via the Suez Canal.

Sayyari said the mission was intended to “convey the message of peace” to regional countries and to “strengthen relations with other countries.”

“They (the Israelis) tried very hard to obstruct our path, but we did not fear these issues and our behavior caused fear and distress for the Zionist regime [of Israel].” 


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