Saturday, January 22, 2011

Israel to boost its missile shield--Arab Defence News

The News is Translated By Google Translate So Errors are Accepted:

Israeli military began to create a third battery of anti-missile intercept long-range high-altitude, type (Arrow), near Tel Aviv, to strengthen the defenses of anti-ballistic missiles in Iran. The deployment, development and installation of other systems for missiles and missile short-and medium-term assessments of the Jewish state confirms fears that the developing cities and villages facing the rocket bombardment on a large scale and ferocity is unprecedented. Batteries and the current object (Arrow 2), produced by the air space industries owned by the State of Israel with the participation of company (Boeing) published in the American air base in southern Israel and the other near the base of the city (Hadera) in the north. It is expected to be added other batteries in the future. A new battery last Mdemaqa protection and gives the Air Force the ability to launch a missile intercept more than one goal ahead. Will be watching the new battery fire control center (Citron Tree), which was established along with a missile (Arrow) in the past two decades, which will be controlled also Bbtareeten two more are currently in place.Source & read more


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